Content marketing is the ongoing process of delivering content to attract and engage a target audience with the goal of converting prospects into customers. Content marketing also builds authority with your audience in a way that other marketing efforts can’t.

Effective content marketing starts with a clearly defined and documented strategy.

According to a Content Marketing Institute survey only 37% of B2B Businesses have a documented content strategy. Many businesses don’t map their buyer’s journey to their content creation. A customer journey-focused strategy is essential for success.

The purpose of a content strategy is to drive content that compels a customer to action with data-driven results.

A content strategy should be aligned closely to your business objectives. Our data-driven approach to content performance defines the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure success.

The content audit is a powerful tool to identify gaps in your current content and develop recommendations to improve performance. The content audit is the starting point of our content strategy.

A Persona is a composite of research used to gain insights into what your prospects need at every stage of the buying process. They reveal day-to-day challenges from the perspective of a target user for mapping content to the customer journey.

Your content strategy drives the structure of your site, including how content is prioritized, organized, and accessed. It focuses on the display of content itself, creating pillar content around high-value opportunities, and strategic landing pages to increase conversions.

A Content calendar (or editorial calendar) is a comprehensive, yet agile, roadmap to guide what content to produce, the people and processes required to execute your strategy, and the best channels, platforms, and formats for delivering content to target users. Your content calendar takes into account the keyword targets and topics your audience needs, where to publish it, and when to deliver it.

We provide practical, expert guidance for creating a content strategy that directs customers to solutions for their problems and boosts brand authority with measurable results.

Are you ready to create a content marketing strategy to convert more customers?