Growth Hacking is an unconventional approach to increase the growth rate of a company or product through a process of rapid experimentation using continual ideation, prioritization, testing and analysis. Growth marketing enables an intensive, short feedback loop with measurable results.

We help you implement a strategy unique to your business model based on your goals, challenges and strengths. We blend research, analysis and creative ideas to increase audience and revenue for startups and traditional businesses.

Everything begins by focusing on a narrow, measurable goal. In the Idea stage, we will brainstorm possible avenues to reaching your specific business objectives and goals. These are the different growth experiments that will deliver you higher levels of growth.

Once a list of tests and experiments have been compiled, they are prioritized based on the effort required and the level of impact we expect it to have on your growth rate. This comes from the list of experiment ideas and takes into account long-lasting effects versus quick wins.

The next step is to take our highest ranked ideas, testing and measuring individual tactics, to find what works according to the parameters of the growth hacking experiment and expected results.

When the experiment is complete, it’s crucial to analyze and record the results. A successful test should be put into practice on your website, and the process begins again for more optimization.

Successful growth hacking is less about “hacks” than following the scientific method. First you make an observation and pose a question. Then you form a hypothesis and execute experiments to test your predictions. Finally, you implement the successful experiments in your website and use the results to make new hypotheses and predictions.

Are you ready to see how a successful Growth Hacking strategy can grow your business?